[Mastwatch] Sepilok fruiting

Colin Maycock colin_maycock at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 23 20:11:47 PDT 2007

Hi All,

Things at Sepilok are a bit more confusing. 

We have had 2 flowering events. The first started in
early April with Shorea xanthophylla and Parashorea
tomentella and P. malaanonan this was followed by S.
parvifolia, S. leprosula and another 5 or 6 other

We then got another flowering of the Parashoreas at
the end of May, and since then we have seen a
reflowering of S. leprosula, as well as first
flowering of S. multiflora, Hopea beccariana and a
variety of other spp. At the moment we are in the
midst of a semi-large flowering of Shorea johorensis.

Just to add to the confusion - yesterday we found S.
smithiana and Vatica rassak just starting to flower.
In Sepilok S smithiana is associated with the end of
the flowering sequence, whereas Vatica rassak is
associated with the start of the sequence. 


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