[Mastwatch] Maliau Basin

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Hi All,
Here in Danum valley at eastern Sabah  are experience fruiting as well. So 
far close to 30 spp of dipterocarps, 3 spp of durian, and others. We are 
expecting the peak fruiting soon. The scale of maybe bigger than the 2005 
fruiting but we will see in the near future.
If any of you have also seen bearded pig piglets or juvenile pigs, please 
let me know as well.

Many thanks.


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> Hi Mastwatchers,
> I'm at the Maliau Basin at the moment in South-central Sabah, and there is
> a huge mast going on.  We are probably about a week away from peak
> fruitfall.  All dipts (ca. 20 spp seen so far), Durio (3 spp), Nephelium,
> Castanopsis, Alangium, Koompassia ... We've been up to 1000 m, and if
> anything the mast is even more pronounced at 500-900 m, with ca. 50% of
> all big crowns brown or red with fruit (seen from above).  Seems fairly
> local, with nothing happening in Lambir, although Colin Maycock said there
> were a few dipt species fruiting at Sepilok, and we picked up some forest
> durians at a roadside stall on the way up to Gn. Kinabalu.
> Best,
> Cam
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