[Mastwatch] Sumatra: Shorea platyclados

Gabriella F gmfred at indo.net.id
Sat Dec 12 23:30:08 PST 2009

Dear All,

In Sumatra (North Sumatra Province, Batang Toru, South of Lake Toba) 
at 1000 m asl. Shorea platyclados has been in full fruiting now (see 
picture) but at this altitude there are few other dipterocarp species 
(Dipterocarpus crinitus, Shorea acuminata also had fruit). But I'm 
not sure if one can speak of 'masting'. We have only been doing 
phenology in this site for 1 year.

Next week I'll be heading to east Kalimantan and can then report on a 
lowland forest there (Sungai Wain) where we have 12 years of 
phenology studies ongoing.

Best regards,
Gabriella Fredriksson

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Gabriella Fredriksson

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