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Hi Peter,

I will check with Reuben Nilus to see if any of the ecology staff are working in this area, but haven't made it there myself this year.

I will be working in the Crocker Range NP and the Forest Reserves in the western part of Sabah next year, when I start censusing Shorea kudatensis. 

We will also be looking for Dipts species from the north Borneo geographical province. As there is a largish group of Dipts that just make it into the Sipitang/Beaufort region of Sabah and like Dipterocarpus lamellatus are now probably locally extinct. 


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> Did anyone look west of the Crocker range?
> Has there been any news of masting in Peninsular Malaysia
> or Sumatra?
> Peter Ashton
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> News from Koichi Kamiya (thanks!):
> Masting in Sarawak was amazing, I saw last week at
> Similajau and Murum
> that many Dipterocarpus and Dryobalanops started
> germinating while it was
> still early for germination of Shorea. There is no masting
> at Sabah
> including Sepilock and Deramakot, but some trees of
> Parashorea and
> Engkabang species were fruiting. In Lambir, many species
> have fruited in
> Nov, and those in Dryobalanops are mostly matured.
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