[Mastwatch] Conservation assessment of Dipts

Colin Maycock colin_maycock at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 18 21:40:48 PDT 2009

Hi All,

On a non-Mastwatch topic.

I'm currently working on (with David Burslem and Eyen Khoo, John Sugau and Joan Pereira of the Forest Research Centre, Sabah Forestry Department) the conservation assessments of the Dipterocarps in Sabah. The initial focus are the half dozen or so endemic species, but the plan is to expand this to all/most of the Dipts in Sabah. We are using herbarium collection records, data from research plots, forest inventories and my surveys thoughout Sabah as locality data for use in generating ecological niche models for each species - with climate, altitude, soil parent material, soil type etc. being used as the environmental layers. The generated distribution maps are then compared to current forest coverage, satellite images etc. to determine habitat loss (with groundtruthing of both the distribution maps generated by the ENM and current forest coverage images where possible). 

1) I am keen on hearing from anyone that has any or knows about other sources of locality data for Dipts in Sabah.  

2) I would also be interested in expanding my conservation assessments of the Borneo endemics beyond Sabah. So am keen to hear from anyone that would be interested in collaborating/has locality data for any Borneo endemics from elsewhere in Borneo/that has soil maps/forest cover etc. type data for elsewhere in Borneo. 




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