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Colin Maycock sepilokdata at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 17:18:50 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I agree with Chuck that tree-level data is important, both from a
research and a conservation POV.

I'm interested in finding out how many groups are monitoring species
of conservation concern - as flowering/fruiting information is
critical if we want to try to attempt to address Target 12 (improve
the conservation status of endangered species) of the 2020 Aichii
Biodiversity targets. My POV is that for the Dipterocarps and probably
most other plant species of Borneo Target 12 is dead in the water.

In terms of understanding Dipt reproductive biology - in Sepilok there
is a small group species that regularly flower in a big way outside of
GF - in particular Parashorea tomentella & P. malaanonan, Shorea
xanthophylla and Dipterocarpus grandiflorus (although only Parashorea
successfully recruits outside of GF). I'm not sure whether this is
natural or a consequence of Sepilok being a fragment - so would be
keen to see if this pattern is seen in other areas and whether it is
more common in smaller reserves.

I have just finished some brief surveys in the Tajong, Bukit Gemuk and
Membalau forest reserves in Tawau - no dipts are flowering down there
at this stage. We did manage to get lots of new records of dipts
occurring on some of the soil association that haven't been well


Sorry about the earlier blank email - I tried to send the above, but
Yahoo and FRC internet are still not getting on. so am now trying my
gmail account.

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