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Colin Maycock colin_maycock at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 12 16:31:38 PDT 2011

Hi Cam/Marco/Serge and others

I will contribute our Sepilok data/observation to any database and will discuss with Reuben about the other sites in Sabah his staff are monitoring. 

As part of the species management plan for the critically endangered dipts of Sabah - the department should be starting phenology observations in a few new site/reviving old sites e.g. for Dipterocarpus lamellatus - we will be reviving the phenology surveys in the Sianggau FR in Beuafort/Sipitang region in Western Sabah and also starting new phenology survey work in the Kampung Tambilidon recreation Park in Pitas (north Sabah) as this area has the only remaining viable population of Shorea kudatensis. 

I can post up a list of coordinates for sites that are being/will be regularly monitored by FRC/us and also the type/status of the forest. 

RE: The publication - why not try for a policy piece like Chris's last bit 
"Mass Fruiting in Borneo: A Missed Opportunity" 


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