[Mastwatch] Database

Chuck Cannon chuck.cannon at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 18:01:59 PDT 2011

Hi folks,

The site described by Marco sounds like a good place for the legacy
phenology data from GP, mostly published in 2007 Ecol Let.  There is
quite a bit of supplementary data as well, including crop size estimates
etc. that have never been properly dealt with but are pretty decent
data.  Lisa Curran said she would share her Dipt phenology data from
Ecol Monographs etc. so perhaps could prompt her to get involved (...is
she part of this mailing list??)

Also, while Xishuangbanna forests do not mast per se, we do have a few
dipts and lots of generic overlap.  There are Dipterocarpus fruits on
the ground along the path to the office right now.  There are a few
small datasets collected by students and I am pretty sure the staff has
an okay record of local things because they routinely collect seed.
Maybe this is beyond the scope of this group but would seem to be nice
to have observations of the same groups in a more seasonal environment.

For publicity sake, a perspectives type article would be a good idea I
think.  It might bring some surprising resources out of the woodwork and
increase the general scope of the people contributing observations.


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