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Hi Colin,

I am not aware that there are any consistent phenological data form Brunei or Sarawak, other than those from Lambir to which Shoko refers.

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Sorry about the blank email - Yahoo and FRC still aren't getting on

I tried to send an email asking about how far back in time do we want to go.

I am currently working thru - the Sabah Forestry departments research plot data - as part of my attempt to generate a database on Dipt distribution in Sabah for high resolution niche modeling/conservation assessment work. Some of the RP data are seedling recruitment and phenology studies from the 60s.

Peter would have a better idea - but I assume similar sort of data would be available for Brunei and Sarawak.


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> Hi folks,
> The site described by Marco sounds like a good place for
> the legacy
> phenology data from GP, mostly published in 2007 Ecol
> Let.  There is
> quite a bit of supplementary data as well, including crop
> size estimates
> etc. that have never been properly dealt with but are
> pretty decent
> data.  Lisa Curran said she would share her Dipt
> phenology data from
> Ecol Monographs etc. so perhaps could prompt her to get
> involved (...is
> she part of this mailing list??)
> Also, while Xishuangbanna forests do not mast per se, we do
> have a few
> dipts and lots of generic overlap.  There are
> Dipterocarpus fruits on
> the ground along the path to the office right now.
> There are a few
> small datasets collected by students and I am pretty sure
> the staff has
> an okay record of local things because they routinely
> collect seed.
> Maybe this is beyond the scope of this group but would seem
> to be nice
> to have observations of the same groups in a more seasonal
> environment.
> For publicity sake, a perspectives type article would be a
> good idea I
> think.  It might bring some surprising resources out
> of the woodwork and
> increase the general scope of the people contributing
> observations.
> Chuck
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