[Mastwatch] Casual observations at Gunung Palung

Chuck Cannon chuck.cannon at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 01:13:02 PDT 2011

Hi everyone,

> A core aspect to agree upon first is what the fundamental data unit is 
> that we are recording.  I suggest that it is an abstract `state of the 
> forest' at a particular place and time (i.e., not a per tree, or per 
> species record).  This is the thinking behind the DB I uploaded.

I think Cam is right but it might be good to have different levels of
detail.  If someone makes a more casual observation about tree fruiting
in one place, that would be the end of the record, but if the 'masting'
observation is actually based upon tree-level data, it would be good to
be able to 'zoom in' on that data as well.  Of course, then a whole host
of tricky questions open up but the group of people working on this
tree-level data would be much smaller.  Tim Obrien tried to get a group
started at the ecol synthesis center in santa barbara (blanking on the
name now), perhaps we could use this opportunity to move forward on our
own.  These days, your chances at getting funded are greatly improved if
you have already done half the work! 


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