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Chuck Cannon chuck.cannon at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 15:04:58 PDT 2011


> In terms of understanding Dipt reproductive biology - in Sepilok there
> is a small group species that regularly flower in a big way outside of
> GF - in particular Parashorea tomentella & P. malaanonan, Shorea
> xanthophylla and Dipterocarpus grandiflorus (although only Parashorea
> successfully recruits outside of GF). I'm not sure whether this is
> natural or a consequence of Sepilok being a fragment - so would be
> keen to see if this pattern is seen in other areas and whether it is
> more common in smaller reserves.

interesting, given that Parashorea [[Shorea?  no, Parashorea?  No!
Shorea!]] is the one in China, where no GF occurs.  Perhaps the one
recruiting successfully in Sepilok outside of GF is a reinvasion of
Borneo?  There is a clear Indochinese Lithocarpus invader into Borneo.

The dominant Dryobalanops around GP (D. beccarianus? I've forgot) always
seemed gregarious and more frequently fruiting than other dipts but
those are just casual observations.  Their distribution was also patchy
- completely absent from the western side of GP while being abundant
north and to the east.


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