[Mastwatch] Casual observations at Gunung Palung

Chuck Cannon chuck.cannon at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 15:16:44 PDT 2011

now that I am out from behind the Great Firewall, I can access the docs
site.  I'll have a try at this over the week.  If anyone wants to beat
me to it, I promise not to get angry!  Chuck

On Mon, 2011-08-22 at 14:09 +0700, Cam Webb wrote:
> Hi Chuck,
> >> A core aspect to agree upon first is what the fundamental data unit is
> >> that we are recording. 
> >
> > I think Cam is right but it might be good to have different levels of
> > detail.  If someone makes a more casual observation about tree fruiting
> > in one place, that would be the end of the record, but if the 'masting'
> > observation is actually based upon tree-level data, it would be good to
> > be able to 'zoom in' on that data as well.
> I agree with the need for compiling multi-level observations.  If you 
> think this GoogleDoc is an appropriate way to collaborate, perhaps you 
> could add needed column headings to a second sheet I just added on the 
> shared spreadsheet: `Tree-level observations.'
> Best,
> Cam



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