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Hi everyone,

	I am writing to follow up on Cam's email regarding possible masting at Gunung Palung. I was just up at the Cabang Panti Research Site and can confirm that several individuals of Dipterocarpus stellatus and multiple individuals of Shorea (perhaps S. johorensis but I am not certain) are in full fruit. Multiple individuals of Shorea quadrinervis are in flower (most with unopened buds). A handful of individuals of other taxa that we tend to think of as taxa that reproduce during masts or "mini-masts" are also in flower or fruit (e.g., Gluta speciosa flowers, Willughbeia fruit, Castanopsis mature fruit, Licania splendens immature fruit, Pimelodendron griffithianum flowers). At present, this reproductive behavior is largely confined to the upland granite forest type, with some very early stage flowering in the lowland granite. So far, we have seen little evidence of Dipterocarp fruiting in the true lowlands. These are all observations from the ground with binoculars. 


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> Hi All,
> Seems like we can add West Kalimantan to the developing mast.  A colleague (Loren Bell) who just came out of the forest at Gunung Palung said there were dipterocarps flowering.  I'll pass on more news when I know more.
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> Cam
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