[Mastwatch] Strangler fig densities in different forest types

Ashton, Peter pashton at oeb.harvard.edu
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Strangler figs are most abundant on soils of high nutrient (nitrogen?) content, as at Krau, along mesic river banks, and in semi-evergreen forests. In India, where they are grown for wood (!), they are established in chicken manure.

I dont know of any specialist in kerangas though, I recall seeing F xylophylla there on several occasions.


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Hi All,

On a non-masting topic.
Does anyone have any info on strangler fig densities in Kerangas forests? I have a final year project student looking at strangler fig densities within Sepilok FR and we have yet to encounter stranglers (free standing figs are also low).


Colin Maycock
Uni Malaysia Sabah
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