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Tue Apr 15 17:02:34 PDT 2014

Hi All,

Just came back from field trips to Kawang Forest Reserve (close to KK) and
Sepilok. We have flowering in both areas, however, not fully convinced that
it is as big as the 2010 flowering event. In 2010 we had roughly 60% of the
canopy Dipterocarps flowering within our 160 ha plot, plus most of the
non-dipts also. One of the most noticable things from 2010 was that we had
lots of Apis dorsata migrating into to Sepilok FR - and we couldn't climb
in certain areas of the forest due to the presence of nests.

At the moment the Apis dorsata in Sepilok appear to be largely
absent/reduce numbers compared to 2010, we also have a range of early
flowering Dipterocarps showing no activiity at the moment.

The forests are also very dry and with the strong el nino predicted for
later this year - we could be seeing a lot of flower/fruit abortion.

Colin Maycock
School of International Tropical Forestry
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
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