[Mastwatch] 2014 Masting in western Sabah

相場 慎一郎 aiba at sci.kagoshima-u.ac.jp
Mon Aug 18 21:12:34 PDT 2014

Dear colleagues,

This is an e-mail I composed in June, but was forgotten to be sent after that.

I recently (12-23 June) travelled in Sabah with Kazuki Miyamoto.
Many dipterocarps were fruiting in lowland (c. 200-500 m) mixed dipterocarp forest in Maliau Basin, but we had not time to identify to species.
However, we found no trees (including Shorea coriacea) bearing flowers or fruits in montane heath forests (c. 1000 m) in Maliau.
In Nabawan (midway between Keningau and Maliau, c. 500 m), neither mixed dipterocarp (including Shorea laevis) or heath forest (inc. Shorea venulosa and Hopea pentanervia) had flowers or fruits.
Along the road from Maliau to Nabawan, many individuals of one liana species of Bauhinia were blooming simultaneously (orange flower, entire leaf).  I have not noticed this species in the previous visits to Maliau.

Graduate student from Kyoto (Yuki Tsujii) said that in two lowland forests on sedimentary and ultramafic soils (c. 600 m) in Kinabalu only Parashorea was fruiting, while Shorea spp. (including S. laevis, S. argentifolia, S. leprosula, S. parvistipulata, S. ?micans) did not, which was confirmed by my visits in August.


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