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Hi Peter and others,

Ferry was just suggesting that it is time that we did something like this
across a number of sites in Borneo, Sumatra and Malaysia. With the wide
range of low cost mini data logger/temperature sensors now available (e.g.
Thermobuttons, ibuttons, etc.) it would be relatively easy to do.

Eyen Khoo (from Forest Research Centre, Sabah Forestry Department) and I
still maintain a climbing crew and the 160 ha Dipterocarp plot in Sepilok -
so that could be one potential site. I suspect David (Burslem) and Glen
Reynolds would also like to include the Danum 50 ha plot. We could also
discuss with Prof Kitayama to see if he would want one/some of his Mt
Kinabalu sites included.

Eyen - this might also be good to do in our areas with the critically
endangered dipts (Sianggau for Keruing Jarang, Nalumad for Keruing Renau,
Kampung Tambilidon for Shorea kudatensis). The iButtons are a few hundred
RM/piece (Temp alone is ~ RM200, Temp and RH ~ RM450).


On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 1:17 AM, Ashton, Peter <pashton at oeb.harvard.edu>

> The problem with this is that, whereas rainfall from a nearby guage on the
> ground is likely to be fairly reliable, a ground-based tempeature reading,
> let alone one from outside the forest, is unlikely to accurately let alone
> consistently reflect canopy temperature - where mass flowering is
> overwhelmingly concentrated. Replicated canopy temperatures are a vital
> future research priority.
> Peter
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> Hi Colin,
> > Do you have rainfall/temp data for that area?
> I do have daily rainfall for nearby Sukadana, and Andy Marshall and/or
> Cheryl Knott may have rainfall and temp for within the park.
> > In the rainfall/temperature data for Sandakan - there isn't a
> > pronounced drought signature, but there is a pronounced reduction in
> > temps - corresponding to the timing of the polar vortex
> We had a long drought Jan-Feb, during which it always feels chilly at
> night, but I don’t remember feeling/hearing about lower than usual temps.
> > I guess I'm wondering if there is enough data around to do a Borneo-wide
> > assessment of flowering/fruiting intensity - environmental conditions.
> What a great idea.  Let’s ask, “Who on this list might be able to provide:
>  1) Their own temp/rainfall records for Jan-Jun 2014, or a commitment to
>     seek out those data from nearby weather stations,
>  2) Qualitative (descriptive) assessments of
> flowering/fruiting/recruitment,
>  3) Quantitative (phenology, seedling plots) assessments of
>     flowering/fruiting/recruitment?”
> Even a fairly rough study (4-5 sites & descriptive mast data only) would
> be fun to try.
> Best,
> Cam
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