[Mastwatch] 2014 Masting

Eizi Suzuki suzuki at sci.kagoshima-u.ac.jp
Tue Jul 1 17:01:23 PDT 2014

Hi, All.

May to early June 2014, I visited Tangkahan area of Gn. Leuser National 
Park, North Sumatra. I found many flowering Shorea, Vatica and 
Dipterocarpus. Other families also had many flowered trees.
Masting occurred in North Sumatra, also.

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Sepilok2010 . <sepilokdata at gmail.com>さん:
> Hi All,
> As the Mastwatch list has been quiet recently and seedfall should be
> starting soon - I was wondering how the 2014 Masting is developing in 
> parts of Borneo/SE Asia.
> Our phenology data from Sepilok is interesting. Overall about 34% of 
> Dipts flowered (compared to 60% in 2010), apart from an overall low % 
> trees flowering - there are also marked differences in what flowered.
> The flowering event has been dominated by the early-flowering species 
> Dipterocarpus grandiflorus, Parashorea spp., Shorea xanthophylla) with 
> average 70+% of the individuals flowering (similar to what we saw in 
> The big difference is that the species that follow on from these ones
> (Shorea johorensis, S smithiana, etc.) haven't really gone this year - 
> most of the later flowering species having less than 10% of the 
> flowering.
> Colin

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