[Mastwatch] Dipterocarp flowering in Peninsular Malaysia

NUMATA, Shinya nmt at tmu.ac.jp
Sun Mar 30 20:47:35 PDT 2014

Dear all,

Last week, I and Masatoshi Yasuda visited to Pasoh FR and some amenity
forests (hutan lipur) in Negri Sembilan and Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia.  
Flowering and flower buds of dipterocarps were observed.  We saw a lot of
flowers of Shorea macroptera in forest floor of Pasoh.  We also observed
flower buds of Dipterocarpus kunstleri, D. sublamellatus, S. multiflora
(maybe), S. parvifolia.  We feel the intensity of dipterocarp flowering in
this year is like the biggest general flowering event in 1996 in the last 20

On the other hand, we also visited to Endau Rompin National Park, Johor.  We
found many flowering trees of non dipterocarp species (e.g. Baccaurea
parvifolia), but could not find dipterocarp flowering including
Dryobalanpus.  I think we need to check the flowering condition again in
Endau Rompin after April.  

All the best,

Shinya Numata

Shinya NUMATA, Ph.D.

Department of Tourism Science
Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences, 
Tokyo Metropolitan University

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Tokyo 192-0397, Japan

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