[Mastwatch] Gunung Palung flowers

Campbell O. Webb cwebb at oeb.harvard.edu
Mon Aug 17 21:31:34 PDT 2015

Hi All,

Well, it’s a big El Nino year. Masting to follow?

I just came down from the Cabang Panti Research Station, at Gunung
Palung NP (West Kalimantan), and saw a giant Shorea gibbosa in very
young flower (on 2015-08-10), and an Alangium (prob. javanicum) in young
flower. Also heard reports of Scaphium in flower too. So... could be the
very beginning of a mass flowering.  However, we had a huge mast last
year (fruitfall in July), so perhaps the trees are too ‘tired?’ We’ll
keep you posted.

Observations from elsewhere?



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