[Mastwatch] Watch out for migrating bearded pigs in Borneo

Matthew Luskin luskin at berkeley.edu
Wed Dec 16 22:36:48 PST 2015


I am leading a research endeavor to track bearded pigs' movement in Borneo
this year. Historically, thousands of bearded pigs travelled together for
hundreds of kilometers during masts (and shortly thereafter), but this
behavior has not been observed in 25 years. We are wondering if this
amazing behavior is extinct? This is the best year in a few decades to
expect such movements because of the back-to-back masts. As a result of
this food, bearded pigs are thought to have very high populations now. If
you observe or hear of anything related to this please email me at
mattluskin at gmail.com.

Thank you,
Matthew Luskin
UC Berkeley
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One such migration which occurred in 1935 was described as follows: "For
five or six weeks, at points sixty to a hundred miles [100-160 kilometers]
apart, moves a steady stream of wild pigs, a few solitary, some family
parties of seven or eight, many packs from fifteen to thirty of forty,
occasionally convoys estimated at two hundred, sufficiently large to deter
the natives from attack. Every ten minutes or quarter of an hour pigs pass
by, a few large, old individuals, many of medium size, none in very fat
condition. Silent, not quarrelsome, almost furtive, intent on something,
looking round little, they push on undeterred by waiting natives, who club
and spear them at river crossings until weary of pork. Whence came the
pigs, and where they go none know."
More info on bearded pig can be found here:
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