[Mastwatch] West Kalimantan - masting again!

Campbell O. Webb cam_webb at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 16 10:46:37 PST 2015

West Kalimantan masting news via Facebook (in Indonesian, here translated into English):

Randi Agusti: “The forest is flowering and fruiting now. ‪#‎mastingseason‬”

Cam: “Is this masting like last year? Including Shorea and other dipts?  Roughly when will the fruitfall be?”

Randi Agusti: “The mast event started several months ago. Fruitfall probably in December. There are lots of fruits already falling. It seems that this mast is as big as last year’s -- not sure how/why there can be a double masting. The dipterocarps are also fruit heavily. I just came back from Bangka island two weeks ago, and there was masting activity there too.

Eko Darmawan: “At Nanga Betung, Kapuas Hulu (in community forest) it is probably an effect of the long drought. The tengkawang, which have not fruited for five years, flowered at the beginning of October, though many fruits have been aborted.”

Randi Agusti: “That’s a shame. There is information that tengkawang is fruiting in many places.”

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