[phylocom-user] Phylocom version 4.1

Cam Webb cwebb at oeb.harvard.edu
Wed Aug 26 20:40:56 PDT 2009

Hi All,

We've just uploaded a new version of phylocom.  The main new features are:

   * Null model testing is now available for the comdist/comdistnt
     functions (use the -n switch).
   * The Windows version is now compiled with MINGW32, rather than DJGPP.
     This should help with some of the memory issues some Windows users
     were experiencing. A phylocom.bat file is also included to assist in
     opening a CMD.EXE console window. Please help us by reporting if you
     have trouble with this new version on Windows, particularly on Vista
     64-bit systems.

Please see:


Best wishes,

Cam, Steve, and David

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