[phylocom-user] recommended megatree

Ken Whitney kwhitney at rice.edu
Sat Oct 17 13:49:54 PDT 2009

Hi all,

for analyses of angiosperms using Phylomatic/Phylocom, which megatree is 
recommended as the best/most current?  I've noted that different 
publications in the same year use different trees, e.g. two 2007 papers 
(Valiente-Banuet & Verdu Ecol. Lett., Gilbert & Webb PNAS) used 
R20050610.new and the Davies et al. 2004 tree, respectively.

A related question: is there information available for the list of trees 
at http://svn.phylodiversity.net/tot/megatrees/ that would help 
distinguish the trees?

I'm looking for a tree that has named internal nodes so that I can a) 
add some within-family resolution in Mesquite and then b) run bladj on 
it to get branch lengths.

Many thanks,

Ken Whitney
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Rice University
Houston, TX 77005 USA
713 348 3057

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