[phylocom-user] recommended megatree

Cam Webb cwebb at oeb.harvard.edu
Sat Oct 17 14:29:47 PDT 2009

Dear Ken,

> for analyses of angiosperms using Phylomatic/Phylocom, which megatree is 
> recommended as the best/most current?  I've noted that different publications 
> in the same year use different trees, e.g. two 2007 papers (Valiente-Banuet & 
> Verdu Ecol. Lett., Gilbert & Webb PNAS) used R20050610.new and the Davies et 
> al. 2004 tree, respectively.

The most recently constructed megatree is


However, this is still based on a 2005 APweb base tree.  I'm afraid I have 
been unable to keep up even with with major changes in the topology of the 
angiosperm phylogeny.  If anyone would like to assist in updating the 
component trees in


so that we can have a more up-to-date megatree, I'd be very grateful. 
The procedure is not difficult, just requiring the use of a text editor, 
tree viewing software, and a subversion client.  Let me know directly if 
you are interested.



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