[phylocom-user] lttr bug report

Adam Richman arichman at montana.edu
Thu Apr 1 11:40:55 PDT 2010

The functions ltt and lttr in phylocom both return the percent lineages 
through time, but do not return the same answers for the same data set.

The problem is with lttr. The first sample is handled correctly (agrees 
with ltt), but all successive samples are handled incorrectly.

A work around then is to list each different sample first in the sample 
file. The results for the first sample will be correct.

Successive runs of lttr give different results (% lineages through time) 
for the same data set (for other than the first sample). Because the 
code works correctly for the first sample, but not for the others, I 
suppose the problem must lie with re-initialization.

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