[phylocom-user] trouble with phylocom phydist

Reinhart, Kurt Kurt.Reinhart at ARS.USDA.GOV
Tue Mar 9 13:41:00 PST 2010



I'm trying to use the command phydist with phylocom and getting an error
with one phylogeny but not another.  I get this error message,
"phylocom.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are
sorry for the inconvenience.".  Both phylogenies by chance have 63
species, and I can view the Newick formatted phylogeny files in tree
viewer programs.  I'm using a PC.  I've gone back and forth running
phydist with both phylogeny files and the one repeatedly works and the
other repeatedly throws an error.  I've tried renaming it but can't seem
to turn a corner with it.  Any suggestions for trouble shooting this
would be appreciated.  Otherwise, I'll have to write a macro...


I'm running: phylocom phydist -f <name of phylogeny file> > result.txt


Also, any idea what the maximum number of species that can be compared
might be?  




Kurt Reinhart, Ecologist

USDA-Agric. Research Service

Fort Keogh Livestock & Range Research Laboratory

243 Fort Keogh Road

Miles City, MT 59301-4016


Ph: (406) 874-8211

email: kurt.reinhart at ars.usda.gov

personal educational website: http://www.iecology.net/


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