[phylocom-user] problem with opening the sample file

Gwen Delcros gwendelcros at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 01:43:50 PDT 2010

Hello all and thank you for this helpful forum for Phylocom users!

I am looking at the phylogenetic structure of small mammals
assemblages. I am new in this fied and I am trying to practice with
Phylocom using the example data sets. I want to run Comstruct but I
have the following error message: testeol: Can't open file: sample. I
am using Windows. I had a look at the format of the sample, traits and
phylo files given in the example file and I noticed that it is
different than some other files that I found on the internet. It says
in the manual that one should organize its sample data into 3 columns,
but there is only one line of data in the sample file given with the
example file of Phylocom. I changed the format to 3 columns but I
still have the error message.

I would appreciate if somebody could help me to disentangle the problem!

Thanks in advance!


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