[phylocom-user] missing node labels

Marten Winter marten.winter at ufz.de
Mon Feb 28 01:46:59 PST 2011

Dear all,

sorry if this question is silly! :O)

I worked with Phylomatic 2,5 years ago and nicely built a huge tree for 
ca. 12.500 plants (with a lot of manual work too). Thanks again to the 
folks behind phylomatic/phylocom!
Now I want to do the same for ca. 2500 species and also want to use bladj.

If I'm not mistaken I need to have node label names to run bladj 
(especially if I want to use the Wikström data).

But in the Davis tree (which I need to work with, because of the numbers 
of different species) I found no node names anymore (e.g. like nym2ast, 
rosid etc.)?????
Am I wrong, dumb or can anyone help me? :O)


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