[phylocom-user] Bladj

Cam Webb cwebb at oeb.harvard.edu
Fri Nov 11 06:19:59 PST 2011

Dear Daniella,

> Thanks a lot for your response. If I understand correctly, the ages
> files has the following root nodes to the angiosperm families: 
> euphyllophyte 400.0
> seedplant 325.0
> ...
> Does my newick file has to have those matching names?

Yes, any nodes in your phylogeny you want to be fixed in age need to be 
named and those names must match the names in the ages file.

> Additionally, I ultimately want to improve the resolution at the tips of 
> the tree. Would it work if I create an ages file that contained MY of 
> independent evolution at the genus level for the species in my tree?

Yes - all bladj does is look up names of internal nodes in the ages file 
for an age to fix them to.



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