[phylocom-user] phylocom-user Digest, Vol 25, Issue 2

Cam Webb cwebb at oeb.harvard.edu
Fri Jan 20 02:05:12 PST 2012

Dear Sara,

> "In order to access PHYLOCOM from anywhere in your directory tree,
> ...

This is just a convenience.  The simple way to run PHYLOCOM is just to put 
the executable in the same directory as your data files.

> I concluded that path has not been recognized for some reason that I don't
> know. But if I understood well, I do not need to do that if the .bat file is
> working, or not?

The phylocom.bat file is also just a convenience, allowing you to double 
click it and get a command prompt. As per section 2.3 of the manual, there 
are three ways to get to the command prompt.  If phylocom.bat is not 
working, please try one of the other ways.

> ... is not easy to start. People usually dont know any about "comm 
> prompts" aplications...

I know, but there's no harm learning something new ;-)



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