[phylocom-user] Not_Found using "Kewlookup"

Cam Webb cwebb at oeb.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 6 00:17:43 PST 2012

Dear Jian Zhang,

Phylomatic is just a `stitching' tool, automating the insertion of your 
taxon names to a reference tree.  It is up to you to make sure your taxa 
can be included somewhere in the reference tree.

> Vernonanthura
> Mosannona
> Vasconcellea

What is the current APG3 family of there genera? (Asteraceae, Annon., 

> ardisia Ardisia Sw. Myrsinaceae Myrsinaceae Ericales 0 0
> stylogyne Stylogyne A.DC. Myrsinaceae Myrsinaceae Ericales 0 0  
> But, when I use “Phylomatic”, they cannot be matched.
> Input:
> myrsinaceae/ardisia/sp1
> myrsinaceae/ardisia/sp2
> myrsinaceae/stylogyne/sp3
> myrsinaceae/ardisia/sp4

The latest master tree is based on APG3, and taxa in the myrsinaceae have 
been integrated into the primulaceae.  The Kewlookup tool does not 
incorporate the most recent APG3 changes, but is still useful for locating 
a genus to a previous classification.



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